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The Bare Bones Yoga Monthly Workshop Series

A series of workshops covering the key aspects of anatomy and how to cue, build sequences and answer student questions, all with confidence!

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Hosted by Karen Fabian, Founder, Bare Bones Yoga

Are you going to lots of free workshops but you're not building the skills you want and you leave with more questions than answers?

Let me show you a better way:

An organized and complete approach to learning so that you can grow into a confident teacher who's making a huge impact!

See below for all the details:

Summer 2022 Workshop Schedule



A deep dive into the hip

5 pm ET

Zoom link included in the online course



Shoulder anatomy exploration

6 pm ET

Zoom link included in the online course



Spinal anatomy review

4 pm ET

Zoom ink included in the online course

Here's what you'll get in each workshop:

  • You'll find out more about anatomy, both the bone and joint structure as well as the muscles and fascia involved
  • You'll participate in short sequences and pose demos to allow you to feel muscles at work
  • You'll see the muscles through a slide deck presentation as well as through demos with the skeleton
  • You'll find out more about cues you can use to help your students with each pose
  • You'll see examples of sequencing so you walk away from each workshop with easy ways to share what you've learned with your students
  • You'll hear the breakdown of some common cues so you can learn the anatomy of the cue and help build your confidence
  • AND, because we'll review the anatomy reason for each cue, you'll be able to share these cues in your own classes with more confidence!

The Bare Bones Yoga Monthly Workshop Series includes access to monthly workshops AND my online program called The Yoga Anatomy Blueprint Learning Program which will teach you the key aspects of anatomy in an easy step-by-step way.

You can invest as a self-study student and attend the workshops plus have access to the course part of my program OR invest in the FULL program which includes one on one coaching calls with me, an anatomy manual and an online Practice Portal with dozens of sequences you can use in your classes.

Because access to the workshops includes enrollment in the online course or the full Blueprint Learning Program, you'll easily learn the key aspects of anatomy and you'll build the skills that come with it. These results are just not possible when you're only going to free workshops!

These workshops are only accessible to teachers enrolled in The Yoga Anatomy Blueprint Learning Program as either a monthly member or a fully enrolled teacher. The Zoom link for each workshop is included in the course itself.

See details below for how you can join!

Hear from Teachers who have graduated
from the Yoga Anatomy Blueprint Learning Program:

As a result of completing the Blueprint Learning Program, I can share a shift that’s happened for me: in one word - confident. It's not confident in that I know everything; it’s that I’m confident in that I feel like I'm standing on a firm foundation of understanding. The foundation is stronger and so I feel stronger. This came as a result of completing this program

Kristen, Graduated in Spring, 2020

I learned a lot about how to tailor my practice to my anatomy, and I feel like this program helped me learn how to tailor and know anatomy more broadly to all bodies and how tailor the practice to all bodies rather than my own. Because I also know a lot about what is good for me, or what is healthy for me may not be healthy for someone else. Knowing anatomy is good for my own advancement but now I can confidently say that other people can tailor their practice based on their others’ limitations. 

Krissy, graduated in Spring, 2020

Following my 200 hour training, I wanted to expand my anatomy knowledge, that’s when I found Bare Bones Yoga. The Blueprint Learning Program (BLP) is a brilliant program and helped break down a complex subject into key aspects of anatomy. The BLP taught me so much, including the mechanics of healthy movements and how to apply this to my teaching. Karen invests a huge amount of time and effort into her students and provides many valuable resources to support you throughout the program. Karen is so enthusiastic, passionate and supportive. I’d highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in developing their yoga anatomy knowledge. 

Britt Johansen, Graduated in Fall, 2020

One of my yoga students stayed after class and told me that she loves how I explain the different muscles that we are using in the poses.  She said the studio that she used to go to, the instructors would just rattle thru poses and never stop to tell them why or what they were working on. She said she really likes and appreciates my style of teaching. Another student said she took a yoga class last week just as a fill in, and noted that she REALLY prefers to come to my classes because she learns so much more! Warms my heart to no end. Thank you so much for ALL you do Karen! 

Marilyn Schleis, Graduated in January 2021

After completing my 200-hour course I still felt very unsure about anatomy. I read Yoga anatomy books but still felt like so many pieces were missing. I signed up for one of her free online sessions and I was hooked! I enrolled right away and haven’t regretted it once. She breaks everything down into easy to understand segments and gives you so many ideas and options about how to lead and teach students. Not only is Karen incredibly knowledgeable about anatomy but her commitment to you as a student is something I honestly haven’t found anywhere else in all the courses I’ve taken online. She is there for you 100% to answer any questions clearly and thoughtfully until you feel comfortable with the information. If you want to feel confident about anatomy as a Yoga instructor I don't think you'll find anyone better!

Tonya Rothe, Graduated August 2021

This has been such a great program and I didn’t know if I wanted to do the Learning Rewards Program- I wasn’t sure I’d have the time- I’m a really busy person with a lot going on but it’s been so easy to get it done and I was always so happy to have anatomy learning to look forward to on my to do list each week! Thank you for creating such a well rounded program!

Alexandra Dull, Graduated May 2021

I was looking for a little more anatomy training and stumbled upon the Blue Print Learning Program. Karen has created an easy to follow training manual and video course to help deepen any yoga teacher's understanding of anatomy. In addition, she gives a step-by-step approach to cueing yoga poses with anatomy as a base. This program helped solidify the knowledge I already had, as well as, deepen my anatomy base for yoga. I would recommend this course for both the seasoned practitioner and the beginning yoga instructor!

Jessie Keene, Graduated January 2021

I am a recent graduate of the Blue Print Learning Program. I cannot tell you how wonderful this program is. Karen is a wealth of knowledge and the program is quite in depth, starting from the basics of Anatomy. You can see all the work Karen has put into creating this Program. Karen is always available should you have any questions and responds quickly to all messages. She treats you as a colleague and makes you feel right at home – as if she’s known you for years - she is so encouraging! This program was exactly what I needed after completing my RYT200, and I feel much more confident as a Yoga Instructor knowing what’s happening in our bodies during poses / movements along with reasons why these movements/poses are the way they are. What’s amazing, even after you’ve completed the course, Karen remains available for any questions you may have. Thank you so much Karen. It was a pleasure to take this course. I will continue to use it in the future as a reference.

DS, Graduated August 2021

Imagine how you'll feel knowing you've taken a powerful step forward to build y0ur knowledge, build your confidence and connect more with your students!

Membership is just $59.99/month and gives you immediate access to the online course as soon as you enroll!

For those who enroll in the FULL program before 6/29/22, you're eligible for a 50% discount off the list price of $1997.

Use code blp50 at checkout!

Once you enroll in either option, you'll see the Zoom link for each workshop right in the course.

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Here's a little bit about me:

Karen Fabian is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider and has two certifications through NASM in Sports Medicine, as a Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist.  

Her background in anatomy comes from her academic training in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Counseling, her clinical work as a Rehab Counselor and Social Worker, her professional experience in health care and over 15 years of teaching experience.  

She has written 3 books on yoga and anatomy and works with teachers all over the globe in her signature program, The Yoga Anatomy Blueprint Learning Program. She also teaches anatomy for studio 200 hour teacher trainings, is the host of her podcast, "Conversations for Yoga Teachers," and offers free classes weekly in her virtual studio.

She lives in Boston.