Hi there yoga teacher! Let me ask you:

How'd you like to shift from where are you now to becoming a teacher who makes a bigger impact, has greater earning potential, has more joy teaching and who owns their niche?

You in? Awesome!

Let me check in with you on a few things first. Can you relate to any of all of these below?

  • Sometimes it's hard for me to find the right words to say when I teach
  • I spend more time than I'd like to developing sequences for my classes
  • I get nervous when someone asks me a question because I'm not sure I'll have the right answer
  • I'm not offering the kinds of classes and teaching opportunities that resonate with me.

If you can relate to these statements, you're in the right place! I'm going to share something with you that many yoga teachers miss:

The secret to your transformation lies in learning the key aspects of anatomy and how to apply it to teaching yoga.

Why? Because while your teaching can focus on a number of different things, one consistent theme is teaching the movement of the human body. And, to teach movement, you've got to understand anatomy.

Now, if you're finding yourself starting to worry because you've tried to learn anatomy before but just got frustrated, don't worry! Let me share another secret:

The most effective way to master the subject of anatomy is with a blueprint of of essential steps and once you follow the blueprint, you'll be a teacher who confidently shares cues, easily builds sequences and enthusiastically answers student questions, all while creating the teaching opportunities you love and increasing your earnings and impact.

How do I know this? I know it not only from my own experience but also by having dozens of conversations with yoga teachers looking for a way to shift from where they are now to a more confident teacher, making an impact and teaching in ways that light them up and positively impact their students!

When you don't understand anatomy, your approach to teaching is most likely repeating cues you were told to say. You might also struggle to piece together poses in a sequence and you might get nervous when someone asks you a question after class. As a result, you're not looked upon as a confident teacher and you might miss out on teaching opportunities you want OR you might not have the confidence to CREATE those opportunities yourself.

Once you truly learn the key principles of anatomy, your teaching will become powerful, your confidence will soar and your impact on your students will grow because you'll be sharing from what you KNOW.

This will open MANY doors for you to teach WHO, HOW and WHERE you want, all the while charging premium prices for it!

Read on to find out how YOU can make this happen! 

I'm ready to sign up now!

Does this sound familiar?

If you're like a lot of the teachers I talk to, chances are you graduated from a 200 hour training but you don't feel like you learned anatomy.

This might be because:

  • The person teaching you didn't understand it or couldn't explain it well 
  • The information wasn't presented in an organized way 
  • You learned some anatomy but didn't learn how to APPLY it to teaching 
  • You were never taught the "whys" behind the cues

So, now what?

First of all, know that it's not you, it's in part, the way training is offered: a group process that has a lot of variation in how anatomy is taught from training to training.

Many yoga teachers feel the way you do, so don't beat yourself up over it. The fact that you're here now means you're ready to make a positive change; that's fantastic!

Bottom line: Many teachers invest in a training program and when they're done, they realize just what you've have: that they don't understand anatomy or how to apply it to teaching. As a result, they're left to pursue whatever studio or online classes they can find, even if that's not what they want to do! 

So, what can you do differently now that you're here?

There IS a way to get back on track, BE the confident teacher you so want to be AND teach the kinds of classes, workshops and retreats you want to offer and that people are looking for. But in order to get there, you may need to "unlearn" a few things and be open to change. If you're a teacher who thinks you know it all and you think the effectiveness of your teaching is connected to the HOURS you've trained, this program won't work for you. But, if that's NOT you, and you're open to learning and transforming into a highly skilled, confident teacher, read on!

One thing before we move on:

What if you just keep things as they are?

  • You'll continue to spend money on trainings and may leave disappointed because you didn't learn the skills you wanted to learn
  •  You'll spend time surfing the web, patching together information about your anatomy questions instead of learning it in an organized way
  • You may find yourself teaching classes wondering if your cues are correct
  • You might continue to have that nervous feeling when a student asks you a question
  • You may wonder when you can charge more for your classes and private sessions and start creating the custom programming you want
  • You'll find yourself dreaming about the teacher you KNOW you can be but wondering when you're going to get there.

There's a way to skip ALL that. Read on!

The first step in the transformation is to master the fundamentals of anatomy.

I'm going to teach you the KEY aspects of anatomy in an easy STEP BY STEP way so that you can apply it to the cues you use, the sequences you build and the student questions you get.

Once you build that foundation, you can not only create teaching opportunities that you love, but your students will eagerly join your classes and your teaching portfolio will grow, all leading to greater earning potential and bigger impact.

All you do to start is follow the steps I've laid out in the Yoga Anatomy Blueprint!

Let me just stop for a minute and introduce myself:

I'm Karen Fabian, the Founder of Bare Bones Yoga  

I'm a yoga teacher with over 15 years of experience, an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider and I have two certifications through NASM in Sports Medicine, as a Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist. My mission is to help yoga teachers master the fundamentals of anatomy so that they can confidently share it in their cues, sequences and the answers to student questions, all so they can increase their earning potential and impact.

My background in anatomy comes from my undergraduate education in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Counseling at Boston University, my clinical work as a Rehabilitation Counselor and Social Worker, my professional experience in health care and over 15 years of teaching experience.  

I've written 3 books on yoga and anatomy and I work with teachers all over the world via this specialty program as well as my mentorship and certification program. I also teach classes and workshops and contribute to teacher trainings in many locations around the globe.

When I started teaching back in 2003, I used to sit in my car outside the studio and WILL myself to go in. Armed only with what I was trained to say, I felt ill-prepared and inauthentic. I wanted things to spontaneously flow from me but all I had was the ability to mimic what my teacher had told me to say.

Fast forward to now, and granted, I've had many years of experience but what made the biggest difference was mastering the essential components of anatomy for yoga.

Doing this allowed me to create my own cues using words that are authentic to me, answer student questions with a depth of understanding they needed in order for me to be of real service and cut back on time prepping for class because I could just show up and teach without having to spend hours writing out a sequence and then practicing it.

Most impactful was how I felt and feel to this day: confident, excited to show up for people, enthusiastically sharing lessons about the body in the form of yoga teaching and loving that it's a way for me to earn a living.

This story is mine but it bears itself out each time a teacher graduates from this program. Just take a look at the testimonials and watch the videos here on this page to hear about it in their own words.

How will you transform in both FEELING and ACTION as a result of completing this Program?

FEELING: You'll grow into a more confident teacher by mastering the foundations of anatomy and translating it into understandable cues that will make the LIGHT BULBS GO OFF as your students hear your cues

ACTION: These clear and understandable cues will allow your students to know exactly what you want them to do in each pose and as a result, they'll LOVE coming to your classes

FEELING: You'll eagerly await questions after class from students because your anatomy knowledge gives you the confidence to have those kinds of conversations with your students

ACTION: Because of your expertise and approachable way, your students will feel HEARD and SEEN by you and will feel comfortable approaching you after class

ACTION: Your ability to build specialty sequences for NICHE groups, like athletes, runners, seniors, people with disabilities and other specialty groups will expand so you're not only making yoga more accessible, but because you're building sequences with greater ease, you'll have more time and energy available to teach

RETURN ON INVESTMENT IN THIS PROGRAM: Armed with this knowledge as the basis for building important teaching skills, you'll be confident in offering private yoga classes, specialty group classes, workshops..... all the way up to building retreats and specialty experiences, like meditation workshops, women's wellness groups, travel/yoga experiences and more!

The investment you make in this program can easily be offset by the new earning potential you'll have!

Imagine how your teaching will transform as your knowledge builds. 

Imagine shifting your WAY OF BEING from a teacher who is unsure of what you're saying to one who is confident in their knowledge.......

Imagine how tall you'll stand in front of the class, how clear your voice will be, how you'll quickly find the right cues to use, how EAGER you'll be to answer questions.....

Imagine students loving your classes, eagerly asking you questions and loving the special events you offer!


By Bare Bones Yoga

The Yoga Anatomy Blueprint Learning Program has all of what you need to learn and all you do is follow the steps!

  • An online course to guide you through a step by step process to learn the KEY aspects of anatomy
  • Three individual coaching calls with me so that you can ask questions and get one on one help learning how to cue and build sequences
  • A special (totally optional) LEARNING REWARDS PROGRAM designed to help you earn back $100 of your investment when you complete the course and do your 3 coaching calls within 90 days of enrollment (otherwise, take all the time you need to go through the Program)
  • An updated edition of my anatomy manual so that you can use it as a companion to the course to reinforce what you're learning
  • Quizzes, summary videos and a Program workbook to make sure you're learning along the way and to make the process fun and easy to do
  • Access to my online practice platform called the Practice Portal so you can learn how to build anatomy based sequences and learn anatomy cues
  • Lifetime access to the course, which is continually updated (at no extra cost to you) as well as ongoing support via email


The Yoga Anatomy Blueprint Learning Program guides you through a step by step learning process starting with the fundamentals and moving towards applying what you're learning to teaching. AND, with the addition of the coaching calls, you'll develop the skills to pull it all together in the cues you share and the sequences you'll build.

  • Step 1: Getting down to basics including key
    terms to know 
  • Step 2: Learn Anatomical Position and key reference points on the body
  • Step 3: Learn bones, joints and muscles
  • Step 4: Learn muscles at work in poses 
  • Step 5: Learn how to apply anatomy in different teaching scenarios

  • Step 6: Learn what red flags to look for when teaching
  • Step 7: Learn how to answer questions for students and modifications to offer
  • Step 8: Learn how to build different sequences
  • Step 9: How to offer good cues 
  • Step 10: Learn about the fascia and how important it is to the overall structure of the body 

PLUS ALL NEW COURSE CONTENT as it gets added at no extra charge to you!

A look inside the anatomy manual

Hear from Teachers who have graduated
from the Yoga Anatomy Blueprint Learning Program:

"I'm standing on a firm foundation of

As a result of completing the Blueprint Learning Program, I can share a shift that’s happened for me: in one word - confident. It's not confident in that I know everything; it’s that I’m confident in that I feel like I'm standing on a firm foundation of understanding. The foundation is stronger and so I feel stronger. This came as a result of completing this program

Kristen, Graduated in Spring, 2020

"...this program helped me learn how to tailor and know anatomy more broadly"

I learned a lot about how to tailor my practice to my anatomy, and I feel like this program helped me learn how to tailor and know anatomy more broadly to all bodies and how tailor the practice to all bodies rather than my own. Because I also know a lot about what is good for me, or what is healthy for me may not be healthy for someone else. Knowing anatomy is good for my own advancement but now I can confidently say that other people can tailor their practice based on their others’ limitations. 

Krissy, graduated in Spring, 2020

"The BLP taught me so much"

Following my 200 hour training, I wanted to expand my anatomy knowledge, that’s when I found Bare Bones Yoga. The Blueprint Learning Program (BLP) is a brilliant program and helped break down a complex subject into key aspects of anatomy. The BLP taught me so much, including the mechanics of healthy movements and how to apply this to my teaching. Karen invests a huge amount of time and effort into her students and provides many valuable resources to support you throughout the program. Karen is so enthusiastic, passionate and supportive. I’d highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in developing their yoga anatomy knowledge. 

Britt Johansen, Graduated in Fall, 2020

"Your anatomy program is definitely helping my yoga teaching skills!" 

One of my yoga students stayed after class and told me that she loves how I explain the different muscles that we are using in the poses.  She said the studio that she used to go to, the instructors would just rattle thru poses and never stop to tell them why or what they were working on. She said she really likes and appreciates my style of teaching. Another student said she took a yoga class last week just as a fill in, and noted that she REALLY prefers to come to my classes because she learns so much more! Warms my heart to no end. Thank you so much for ALL you do Karen! 

Marilyn Schleis, Graduated in January 2021

"...so happy to have anatomy learning to look forward to"

This has been such a great program and I didn’t know if I wanted to do the Learning Rewards Program- I wasn’t sure I’d have the time- I’m a really busy person with a lot going on but it’s been so easy to get it done and I was always so happy to have anatomy learning to look forward to on my to do list each week! Thank you for creating such a well rounded program!

Alexandra Dull, Graduated May 2021

Karen is an awesome instructor who cares about your success!

After completing my 200-hour course I still felt very unsure about anatomy. I read Yoga anatomy books but still felt like so many pieces were missing. I signed up for one of her free online sessions and I was hooked! I enrolled right away and haven’t regretted it once. She breaks everything down into easy to understand segments and gives you so many ideas and options about how to lead and teach students. Not only is Karen incredibly knowledgeable about anatomy but her commitment to you as a student is something I honestly haven’t found anywhere else in all the courses I’ve taken online. She is there for you 100% to answer any questions clearly and thoughtfully until you feel comfortable with the information. If you want to feel confident about anatomy as a Yoga instructor I don't think you'll find anyone better!

Tonya Rothe, Graduated August 2021

"Anatomy based - Amazing Program!"

I am a recent graduate of the Blue Print Learning Program. I cannot tell you how wonderful this program is. Karen is a wealth of knowledge and the program is quite in depth, starting from the basics of Anatomy. You can see all the work Karen has put into creating this Program. Karen is always available should you have any questions and responds quickly to all messages. She treats you as a colleague and makes you feel right at home – as if she’s known you for years - she is so encouraging! This program was exactly what I needed after completing my RYT200, and I feel much more confident as a Yoga Instructor knowing what’s happening in our bodies during poses / movements along with reasons why these movements/poses are the way they are. What’s amazing, even after you’ve completed the course, Karen remains available for any questions you may have. Thank you so much Karen. It was a pleasure to take this course. I will continue to use it in the future as a reference.

DS, Graduated August 2021

"This program helped solidify the knowledge"

I was looking for a little more anatomy training and stumbled upon the Blue Print Learning Program. Karen has created an easy to follow training manual and video course to help deepen any yoga teacher's understanding of anatomy. In addition, she gives a step-by-step approach to cueing yoga poses with anatomy as a base. This program helped solidify the knowledge I already had, as well as, deepen my anatomy base for yoga. I would recommend this course for both the seasoned practitioner and the beginning yoga instructor!

Jessie Keene, Graduated January 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the details of the Learning Rewards Program? Sometimes teachers buy online courses and they don't finish them. I don't want that to be you. So, the Program has a way to not only keep you on track because it's a step by step process, it also has built in a series of rewards to ensure you're learning and earning back some of your investment in REAL DOLLARS as you go along. The Program gives you 3 COACHING CALLS with me (these are free and if done as a stand alone would be worth more than $1000). As you complete each one, you'll earn back money as well as know that you're learning. When you enroll, we'll have an introductory call and you can decide if you want to take the Program in this way. If so, we'll set up the 3 calls within 90 days of your enrollment date. Upon completion of call #1, you'll earn back $25 as well as for call #2. If you complete call #3 before the 90 days is up, you'll earn back $50 and since that's your graduation call also, you'll not only graduate from the Program but you'll also have earned back $100 of your investment! (applies to all payment options). If this timeframe doesn't work for you, no worries! You can take as long as you want to graduate and you will still get all 3 calls as a bonus feature of the Program. I just wanted to give you some extra motivation to finish within 3 months of your start date. This is very unique and rarely provided with other online courses you might buy.

Who is this Program for? This Program is designed for teachers who want to learn anatomy and have been frustrated with their past attempts to do so via other programs. The main goal here is to help you learn the KEY aspects of anatomy AND how to apply it to your teaching via the cues you give. What's different about this approach is that you'll learn the WHY behind the cues you give so that you're freed up to then create your OWN cues! This approach is quite different from other programs that teach you "what" to say but leave out the rationale behind it.

Can I purchase the Program on a payment plan instead of a one time payment? You can buy the Program outright with one payment or have the convenience of payment plan over 2 months or 3 months (see below). Your first payment will be made the day you enroll and then on that day every month after that, for the length of the payment plan. Also, factor in that you have the opportunity to earn back $100 of your investment if you graduate within 90 days of enrollment.

How will I receive the manual and get access to the Practice Portal? I'll send you the anatomy manual and the Program workbook in the mail. Upon enrollment, you'll get immediate access to the full online course. Upon enrollment, you'll also be given a code to give you free access to the Practice Portal. Note that the anatomy manual and the subscription to the Practice Portal is given to you FREE as a bonus for being in the Program!

How do I know if I'm learning the information and will be able to apply it once I start using it in my teaching? In our 3 coaching calls, I have a number of ways I'll ask you questions to ensure you're learning.There are also "Module Check In" sections at the end of each section, quizzes throughout and a test at the end. All of it is designed to help you make the most of this learning experience.

Do I get CEU's that I can use for Yoga Alliance to renew my registration? Yes! I'm an approved Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider so taking my courses online counts towards CEUs. You'll receive a certificate of completion that indicates you took the course and you can use those hours as part of your renewal.  The time to complete the course is estimated at 15 hours.

Do you update the course and if so, how will I get the updates? Course content is indeed sometimes updated as new information becomes available and/or there is a need to refresh some of the modules' content. Once you purchase the course, you get ANY updates for free, even though the course price may increase to reflect added value. You will simply see the new videos and text when you log in again. 

What happens when I am done with this program? You graduate, get a completion certificate, enter your hours in the Yoga Alliance website and best of all, have the knowledge to move forward powerfully in your teaching. Some teachers move next into my mentorship program to take their knowledge further and to help them build their teaching business. Upon completion of the 6 month mentorship program, you're a Certified Teacher in anatomy and teaching as part of my Program path.

Why would I invest in this program over taking an in-person training on anatomy or another program? There are many reasons to invest in this program over in person training or other online programs:

  • One, it's something that you can refer to anytime you have a question. With in person trainings, once the training is done, there isn't an easy way to contact the instructor to get your questions answered. With an online Program like this, you'll have lifetime access to the information and ongoing support through the Facebook group and myself via email and online. 
  • Also, taking an online program like this one in anatomy gives you all the information you need in one ONE PLACE. To do this the traditional route, you'd be taking many individual small and big workshops or trainings to cover all this material. Here, you'll have it all organized and in one place and can refer to it anytime. 
  • The power of this program lies in the format that provides you with a step by step way to learn anatomy and supports you through the live coaching calls in applying it to your teaching.
  • Lastly, this program is less expensive than any week long (or even shorter) teacher training you can purchase, especially once you count the training itself, travel costs and costs related to lost time from work, so it is cost effective as a comparison to the more traditional "hours based" trainings.


Just to review, here is ALL that you get with this Program:

You'll get immediate access to the course part of the Program, including all the modules, videos and text, plus:

  • An initial welcome call with me will get you set up for success and introduce you to the course itself and all the details, including more about the Learning Rewards Program
  • Support and ongoing learning as part of my Facebook community called "The Bare Bones Yoga Anatomy Workgroup" as well as a special Facebook page for teachers in this program
  • All 3 of the coaching calls are included to help you translate what you are learning to the ability to create the cues
  • My FULLY UPDATED 200-page anatomy manual as a course companion
  • My online platform called "The Bare Bones Yoga Practice Portal", which will give you access to recorded online classes, ranging from short general sequences, to longer sequences, specialty sequences including myofascial release, speciality practices for niche groups like beginners, older students and athletes and an "Expand Yourself" module filled with personal growth exercises designed to help you learn, grow and develop on a personal level
  • All new course content added you get at no extra cost!

Ready to take the next step and start your transformation today?

You've got 3 investment options below and remember, you can
EARN BACK $100 if you graduate within 90 days of enrollment!


1) Get FULL ACCESS to everything for just 1 payment of $1997

2) Get FULL ACCESS to everything with 1 payment of $1148
and then 1 more payment of $1148 the following month

3) Get FULL ACCESS to everything with 1 payment of $832

and then 2 more payments of $832 made the following 2 months

Got questions? On the fence about investing in the Program?
Contact me by text right now and let’s talk: 617-803-8088.

Bare Bones Yoga values the importance of a diverse and inclusive community, as well as providing equal opportunities for everybody. Minorities, women and those who identify as LGBTQ, are strongly encouraged to apply to our scholarship program. For details on the program, please email karen@barebonesyoga.com.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I'll bet one of your hesitations is, "Well, this might work for someone else but what if it doesn't work for me?" Well, I'm so sure that if you put the time in, it WILL work for you, I'm giving you a guarantee!

If you invest in the Program and believe that it's not a good fit, I will refund your money within 30 days of purchase as long as you've completed at least 5 of the modules and attended at least 1 of the live calls (because if you haven't done some of the work, how will you know it won't work for you?)

I'll bet this is the first time you've gotten a guarantee with a yoga training program; that's how confident I am that this program can help you.

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I'm so excited to see how things will change for you!

See you on your welcome call!